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Bohringer Design Incline Vibrating Screen

Screen design is a specialist subject which benefits from long field experience on large quantities of machines manufactured and successfully installed. Our Bohringer incline screen with full automatic lubricating system is the result of close cooperation between Machine Roll and Bohringer Co. of Germany.

The Bohringer screen is built with attention to quality, functionality, durability and reliability. Mechanical vibration is achieved by using a counter-balanced eccentric shaft. The shaft is accurately machined to provide an exact counter-balance for the weight of the entire frame and deck structure, “building in” positive action with perfect smoothness.
This results in maintaining full effectiveness and minimizing transfer of vibration to the supporting structure.

Easy maintenance and prolonged service life is achieved by our full automatic lubricating system. The real test of a screen is its performance in the field. Machine Roll’s screens have been performing reliably since 1970. With many hundreds of screens in operation, you can be sure of getting a proven, quality screen.


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